Mascara – It’s Selfie Time !!!

That’s right folks, it’s selfie time! I have had so much fun with this make up! I am starting to get into the entire line of products, but, of course, my number one obsession is the best mascara on the planet! Ok, maybe I am a bit bias, but, can you guess which eye is wearing regular mascara, and which eye is wearing 3D Fiberlash Mascara?


Do you need me to give you a hint? LOL! Ok, so aside from adding 300% extra volume and length to my lashes, there are so many more benefits. It’s gluten free, which, might not seem like a big deal to some! But, many of you know I am a gluten free eater. (I am actually a pretty big health nut!) I don’t have massive allergies to gluten like some people, but, this is important to those that can’t even touch gluten!

My other favorite tidbit….. this mascara doesn’t do any testing on animals. :) YEAH!! Of course, I love anything small, cute, and fuzzy! My daughter and I have ‘cute’ wars on facebook! We find the absolute cutest animals we can find and post them on each others walls. I know, pretty dorky for grown adults!! Oh well!

So, back to amazing mascara! Another one of my favorite things about 3D fiberlash mascara is how easy it is to use! They go on quickly, easily, and they wash off easily as well. I have very sensitive eyes, and I have absolutely no trouble with these lashes. They also last ALL DAY LONG! I have even given them the water resistant test. Ever been in a room with 900 people, and had anyone from the Make A Wish foundation speak? I was not just crying, I was literally sobbing! Not a dry eye in the room, but, hey, my lashes looked amazing!!

I would love to see your selfies! Feel free to join me on my facebook group, where I offer fun information and give aways! You can join me at Amy’s Amazing Lashes!

I will leave you with another selfie! And feel free to drop by my group and post your own selfies! We love to see them!!! (And all the gals over there are really friendly!) Plus, we would love to see your mascara!

mascara 2

Again, drop by our group at anytime on facebook at MASCARA!

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